Featured Cross Registered Courses

Interested at cross-registering for a course at Babson, Wellesley, or Olin?  Click here to find out more information on the cross-registration process.  Here are some featured courses being offered for the Fall 2019 semester:

Wellesley College:

CLCV 241:  Running a Business in Ancient Rome

Course Instructor:  Professor Ray Starr

Meeting Times:  TF - 11:20 am-12:35 pm

Ancient Rome’s economy was pre-industrial but highly developed and sophisticated.  We will study fundamental large-scale questions such as the labor force with both free and slave labor, raw materials acquisition, start-up capital, transportation by land and sea, state involvement in the economy, banking, production methods, marketing, and retail trade. We will also study how individual businesses and trades operated, such as restaurants, furniture making, agriculture, pottery production, construction, stonework, lodging, sex work, handcrafts, textile and clothing production, dry-cleaning, and professional services (e.g., education). What modern models and approaches, including behavioral economics, help us understand ancient Roman businesses? Possible projects include case studies, consultations with modern craftspeople, and development of business plans.

Max Enrollment: 25
Prerequisites: None.
Distribution Requirements: HS - Historical Studies; SBA - Social and Behavioral Analysis