BOW Big Ideas Fall 2020

Wednesday December 16, 2020

BOW Faculty and Staff virtual event, 4-5:15pm



Do you have big ideas about:

  • research or teaching?
  • wellness in 2020?
  • life, the universe, everything?

Share, listen and discuss your ideas with BOW faculty and staff at the BOW Big Ideas virtual event! 

What is this event?

Inspired by the ‘Big Ideas for Busy People’ event at the Cambridge Science Festival , BOW Big Ideas is a fun, interactive event that brings together BOW faculty and staff to share and discuss great ideas.   The BOW faculty and staff Big idea talks are 5-minutes each, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.  Join the community afterwards for continued conversations after the talks.


RSVP for the BOW “Big Ideas” event and/or submit a talk proposal! 

  • Submit a proposal for a “Big Ideas” talk here by October 30.  

BOW faculty and staff are invited to sign up to give a “Big Ideas” talk using the link above.  Tell us a bit about what you would like to share.  Five-minute talks from individuals, small groups and nominations for talks are all welcome!  Your ideas, fully formed or works-in-progress that are: Potentially Disruptive (challenging the status quo in some given field), Potentially Groundbreaking (now or in the future), Fresh (rather than copying or imitating something in existence), or Totally Weird (We are not joking) are especially welcome.  Six talks that represent a diversity of perspectives from the BOW community will be selected by the organizing committee.  Proposers will be notified by Friday, November 13.  If chosen to present your talk, you will also receive this.


  • Attend the “Big Ideas” event: RSVP here by December 4.  

Our “Big Idea” presenters will package their ideas into awesome 5-minute presentations, and then the fun begins!  RSVP to receive a link to attend the December 16 virtual event.

Questions?  Contact the organizing committee: BOW Faculty representatives: Davit Khachatryan (Babson), Jean Huang (Olin), Lyn Turbak (Wellesley), Jamie Engle (BOW Coordinator)

The original BOW Big Ideas logo was designed by Aaron Greiner Olin ‘18