Curricular Innovation Fellows

BOW Curricular Innovation Fellows


The goals of this program are to cultivate creative and collaborative teaching across Babson, Olin, and Wellesley Colleges and generate innovative new courses and pedagogies across the three institutions.  Faculty who participate in this program will be known as BOW Curricular Innovation Fellows.


Each BOW Curricular Innovation Fellow can request up to $3,000 as a stipend for their curriculum development work.


New course proposal applications from faculty from 2 or more BOW institutions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please keep in mind campus specific deadlines and policies for inclusion of newly proposed courses and submit applications with enough time to work out logistics.  Please submit applications to:


The BOW Committee and Provosts will review proposals. Strong proposals take advantage of the schools’ complementary curricula to create innovative approaches to student learning and problem solving and provide students with the tools to work across disciplines.  Offers are contingent about approval from department/division/program heads and Provosts.

Course Development or Teaching Innovation:

The Curricular Innovation Fellows will develop their course or teaching innovation over the summer.  At summer’s end, participating faculty will submit a copy of the syllabus of the course they will teach.  Funded experimental courses will be offered in the following academic year.



Following the first offering of the curricular experiment, BOW Curricular Innovation Fellows will submit: a written reflection detailing the outcome of the new course and experiences in collaborative teaching and learning, complete a survey about the collaboration experience, and submit a final syllabus for the course that can be shared on the BOW website.

For questions, please feel free to contact any of the current BOW Faculty Steering Committee members: Lyn Turbak, Jean Huang (, Michelle Li (