BOW Cross-Registration

Spring 2021 Cross-Registration

Babson, Olin, and Wellesley Colleges are pleased to announce that they will be offering cross-registration for the Spring 2021 semester.  All courses must be taken REMOTELY.  Babson and Olin students will be permitted to cross-register for a maximum of one course at the host school during the Spring semester.  Wellesley students will be permitted to cross-register for a maximum of one course during the spring terms.  Please note substantial calendar differences and plan your schedule accordingly.


Cross-Registration Petitions Accepted

First Day of Classes Last Day of Classes End of Exam Period
Babson 11/30/2020 1/19/2021 4/19/2021 4/29/2021
Olin 11/30/2020 1/28/2021 5/4/2021 5/11/2021
Wellesley Term 3 11/30/2020 2/8/2021 3/23/2021 3/27/2021
Wellesley Term 4 11/30/2020 4/4/2021 5/19/2021 5/25/2021


  • For the Spring 2021 semester, students may cross register to Babson College for courses that are 100% online, subject to availablity. 100% online courses will say ONLINE in the location column of our course listings. One course per semester.
  • Students should note the Academic Calendar differences from each school and plan their schedules accordingly.
  • Olin and Wellesley students should initiate the cross registration process at their home school.
  • Students will be notified of their cross registration status from our Registrar’s office.
  • Questions? Please contact Carol Walsh at


  • Please check the Olin Academic Calendar for all holidays, breaks, and deadlines.
  • All Olin courses may be taken on a remote basis, so all courses are available for cross-registration, unless there are other restrictions.
  • Students may cross-register into Olin for one course per semester.
  • Courses are being taught synchronously.
  • Babson and Wellesley students should initiate the cross-registration process at their home schools as usual.
  • They will be notified when their registration is complete and given information about connecting with Olin IT.
  • Questions? Please contact Vivien Bouffard at


  • Wellesley will be running two seven week terms during the spring semester.
  • Please check the Wellesley Academic Calendar for all holidays, breaks, and deadlines.
  • Wellesley courses available for cross registration are only courses that will be taught remotely. Courses that will be taught remotely are marked as REMOTE in the section number. Courses taught on campus are not eligible for cross registration.
  • Students may cross-register at Wellesley for one course per semester.
  • All cross registration for courses taught in Term 4 should be submitted by the September 4 deadline.
  • Babson and Olin Students should follow the cross-registration procedures set out by their respective institutions.
  • Questions: Please contact


  Academic Calendar Course Browser Course Catalog
Babson Academic Calendar 2020-2021 Course Listing Application  
Olin Academic Calendar 2020-2021 Course Browser Course Catalog
Wellesley Academic Calendar 2020-2021 Course Browser Course Catalog 


We encourage students to take advantage of opportunities for cross-registration. In order to make your experience with cross-registration more enjoyable,we recommend that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules.

ALL PROCEDURES FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE HOST INSTITUTION. This applies to add/drop deadlines, grading policies, etc. Educate yourself about these rules. If you are not familiar with the rules, you may find yourself closed out of a class or with a failing grade because you didn’t withdraw by the appropriate deadline.

BE AWARE OF CALENDARING DIFFERENCES. Calendars are as closely coordinated as possible, but they are not fully aligned. This means that classes may begin on the other campus(es) before you have moved into your residence hall, or they may meet during your spring break, or they may end after your other classes do. Work with the faculty to see if classes can be made up or otherwise managed.

SENIORS TAKE NOTICE. If you are a second‐semester senior, make sure that the faculty on the other campus(es) know the date when your grades must be submitted to your Registrar so that you can be certified for graduation and/or honors. Most faculty will try to accommodate deadlines, but in some cases it may be impossible, and you should be aware that a late grade may delay receiving your diploma or prevent you from being eligible for certain honors.

CAMPUS DIFFERENCES. Each college has its own culture, and these cultures are reflected in registration and course selection. Be aware of these differences and what is required of you. In setting up your schedule, be sure to allow enough time to attend faculty office hours on the other campus(es) as well as travel time and group work with your fellow students.

Here are some important things to know when cross registering at any of the BOW schools.





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