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The Babson-Olin-Wellesley Collaboration

The Babson/Olin/Wellesley Three College Collaboration is a joint effort among Babson, Olin, and Wellesley Colleges.

The goals of the collaboration are to:

  • Expand educational opportunities for students
  • Develop interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and problem solving
  • Facilitate faculty research and teaching projects across campuses
  • Share best practices and collaborating in administrative functions

The vision behind the Three College Collaboration is to provide our students with the creative and collaborative skills, knowledge, and ways of thinking needed to function successfully today and into the future. The global challenges of our time, which will define the world our graduates enter, are complex and inherently interdisciplinary, and require teamwork. Because of the distinctive strengths of each of the institutions involved and the leadership commitment from the three presidents, we are well poised to address these issues from varying perspectives and to engage students in cross-disciplinary and collaborative ways. The new collaboration moves beyond the activities of most consortia by taking advantage of the schools’ complementary curricula to create innovative approaches to student learning and problem solving and to provide all students with the tools to work across disciplines.

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