• Teams should have 2-5 members
  • We encourage you to form teams with a diverse set of skills (e.g., some team members might have more data computing experience, others might have more statistics and math experience, others might have more visualization and artistic experience, and others might have more business and economics experience)


  • We plan to hold the competition in person at the following times:
    • Friday, April 14th, 6:15PM-midnight, beginning with a video introduction to the data from the sponsor
      • Snacks available Friday night and throughout the weekend
    • Saturday, April 15th, 8AM-midnight
      • Breakfast available starting at 8AM
      • Students eat lunch in Olin Dining Hall
      • Celebration dinner served around 5:30PM
    • Sunday, April 16th, 8AM-1:00PM
      • Breakfast available starting at 8AM
      • Presentations and judging (5 minute video followed by live questions for each team) will take place from 10:30AM-12:30PM on Sunday, followed by lunch and award announcements
  • DataFest is taking place at over 40 locations around the US, Canada, and Germany, with more than 75 colleges and universities participating. Winning contributions from BOW and other locations will be publicized together on the American Statistical Association’s national website


  • While as many of your team members as possible should be present at the introduction at 6:15PM on Friday, you do not have to be present for the entire duration of the competition. Team members can come and go as you please, but all work has to be done during the competition hours (i.e., no all-nighters!)
  • This is a friendly competition. We encourage you to collaborate and help out other teams when they encounter issues you know how to solve. There will be a Slack channel to post questions, and faculty and mentors will also be available throughout the weekend to attempt to answer questions you might have
  • There are no limitations on what software you use