2018-2019 Presidential Innovation Grant Winners

Spring 2019—Special Call: Initiatives in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and their Societal Impact


Intellectual Community Building through Reading, Discussion, and Public Guest Lectures

This project will bring together faculty from all three institutions to read and discuss recent publications about the impact of advances in and media coverage of AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science (i.e. The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power by Shoshana Zuboff). This faculty seminar will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ideas to be incorporated into courses across disciplines. The project will culminate in bringing the authors to one of the campuses for public lectures and subsequent conversations with members of the BOW community.

Team Leaders:  Eni Mustafaraj, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Wellesley College & Julie Walsh, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Wellesley College


Theatrical Representations of Artificial Intelligence: The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow as a Common Text for the BOW Community

This project is aimed at fostering a shared text across all three BOW campuses. That text, centrally focused on artificial intelligence, is the play The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow, which will be produced at Babson in October 2019. The funding will be used to hire a dramaturg to produce high quality curricular materials and two speakers to lead talk-back after one of the performances. The hope is that the performances and the accompanying curricular material created by the dramaturg will support widespread connections between the play, courses, and curricular goals at all three BOW institutions.

Team Leader:  Beth Wynstra, Assistant Professor of English and Artistic Director of The Empty Space Theater (TEST), Babson College


BOW-Community “Future Hack” and Curated Mixed Media Installation on Artificial Intelligence

This project will bring together faculty and students from varied disciplines to explore and visualize the future of emerging AI technologies through a “Future Hack.” The “Future Hack” will result in a mixed-media installation in the Weissman Foundry highlighting the predictions and opportunities for AI in the future that were discussed during the Hack.

Team Leader: Erik Noyes, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Faculty Director of the Weissman Foundry, Babson College

Fall 2018

BOW Women’s Club Ice Hockey Team

A BOW Women’s Club Ice Hockey team will be established for women at all three colleges.  This will allow women from all three schools to gather in an athletic environment that will foster teamwork and promote the qualities of perseverance, responsibility, physical endurance, and commitment. The club will focus on both an introductory component and a competitive program, while fostering a connection between women at all three schools.

Team Leader:  Rick Burr, Director of Athletic Performance, Babson College

Refinement & Integration of Making and Fabrication across BOW (Part I)

This project will develop a visual, annotated representation of the tools available in Babson’s Weissman Foundry, the Olin Shop, and the Wellesley We-Lab & Knapp Center with consistent identity and style across the three campuses. This project will hopefully be the starting point of a deeper collaboration across the 3 campuses to align training and safety protocols.

Team Leader: Amy Banzaert, Director of Engineering Studies, Lecturer in Engineering, Weissman Foundry Faculty Fellow, Wellesley College

Care Connect

Babson College and Wellesley College Counseling and Wellness Staff will collaborate to enhance and streamline the referral process for students seeking mental health care from community providers for psychotherapy and psychiatry. Counseling center staff at Babson and Wellesley will use ThrivingCampus to pool efforts to engage more mental health clinicians in the community and bridge the gap described between our students and off-campus resources. Olin College students will also be able to access the shared directory in effort to streamline the off-campus referral program.

Team Leader:  Sandra Acevedo, LICSW, Student Care Coordinator, Wellesley College

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