Olin Cross-Registration


For Olin students interested in cross-registering to Wellesley College and Babson College.

Olin College participates in cross-registration with Babson College, Brandeis University and Wellesley College (BBW). This mini-consortium is referred to at Olin as BBOW. Cross-registration is available for Olin students during the traditional fall and spring semesters. Students wishing to take part in an intersession or summer program at a BBW school may do so at their own expense if admitted to the program. Students may petition the CSTB for permission to transfer credit from such work to their Olin records, but such approval is not guaranteed.

Olin College students, except first semester first-year students, may take Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences or elective courses at other schools with which we have cross-registration policy agreements. Generally, first semester first-year students are not eligible for cross-registration, unless Olin designates specific courses designed for the first semester experience. Taking a course at another school will count toward your total degree credit load at Olin. Students cannot exceed twenty (20) total credits in a given semester.

Eligible Olin students are allowed to take one course at a host BBW school per semester. Students taking courses at another school should be careful to follow all academic policies, deadlines, etc. related to the host school. Consult the calendar section on this website for dates of first day and last day of classes and the final exam period. Students are not permitted to stay in Olin residence halls outside of the regular Olin terms.

Here are some important things to know when cross registering at any of the BOW schools.