BOW Student Ambassadors

BOW Student Ambassadors

The BOW Student Ambassadors are elected student leaders from each BOW campus. The Ambassadors serve as an enabling group to initiate, support, and promote interaction and cooperation among the institutions and their students. The Ambassadors can submit proposals to the BOW Program Coordinator and/or the BOW Faculty Steering Committee with recommendations for improved cooperation.

 The Ambassadors are committed to: 

  1. Encouraging students to make full use of the opportunities and resources of all campuses.
  2. Serving as liaisons for BOW student logistical challenges and communicating student needs as they arise (e.g. transportation, funding, and cross-registration).
  3. Holding BOW student meetings to identify student needs and concerns and to develop events that encourage BOW student interaction.
  4. Assisting in the advertisement of BOW events and activities.
  5. Meeting regularly as a group and with BOW Administration.

Current Student Ambassadors

Jenna Lozano
Babson College, '26
Hello BOW Community, I’m Jenna Lozano, the new BOW Ambassador for Babson College. I’m a sophomore concentrating in Marketing. I love drumming, basketball, and adventure activities like skydiving, ziplining, and cliff diving. I can’t wait to work on many projects this year to help unite the campuses. A sneak-peak of what we have to come is jumpstarting an annual BOW Bonfire!!!


Dakota Chang
Dakota Chang
Olin College, '23
Dakota is a first-year Engineering: Computing student from Hong Kong and Canada. At Olin, she is involved with all sorts of activities from e-board PInT (Public Interest Tech) to machine learning research. Her goal through this position is to encourage people to take advantage of the resources on each campus.

Summer Chen

Summer Chen
Wellesley College, '24
Hey all! My name is Summer and I'm a sophomore studying Neuroscience and Philosophy. I call southern California and Shanghai home. On campus, I am involved in tutoring, volunteering, and literary magazines. I love to watch TV, take walks, and try out different restaurants. I hope to foster a greater connection between the three campus communities through hosting more BOW events.

Past Student Ambassadors

  Babson Olin Wellesley
2021-2022 Kellen Harrison Moises Sabido Garcia Summer Chen
2020-2021 Aditya Agarwal Sree Chalimadugu Zhirui (Amy) Xiong 
2019-2020 Julia Lin Shreya Chowdhary Audrea Huang
2018-2019 Eric Li Anusha Datar Audrea Huang
2017-2018 Aiswarya Arul Kim Winter Hannah Kwak
2016-2017 My-Linh DeBonis Sara Ballantyne Kathryn Hansen
Spring 2016 Danielle Cataldo Maggie Jakus Katelyn Campbell
Fall 2015 Christina Xiao Maggie Jakus Katelyn Campbell
Spring 2015 Arjun Rajesh Ian Hill Kathryn Tran