How do I WITHDRAW from a course?

Please note that withdrawing from courses could affect financial aid and/or immigration status.

At Babson: Students may withdraw from courses after the drop deadline, but before the withdrawal deadline. To withdraw from a Babson course the visiting student should email Once the student has been withdrawn they will receive a confirmation email with their home registrar’s office copies. But the student should always follow up with their registrar’s office to be sure they do not need to complete anything else.

At Olin College: Use this Form found on the Olin website, get the instructor’s signature and bring to the Registrar’s Office, Campus Center 320. The student should follow up with their own Registrar to be sure that they do not need to complete any further steps. A grade of “W” will be reported to the home Registrar.

At Wellesley: Students must complete the 'Course Withdrawal' form (available in the Wellesley Registrar's Office) before the withdrawal deadline.  A grade of WDR will remain on your transcript.​