Sustainability Certificate

Sustainability Certificate

Addressing the challenge of using earth's resources sustainably requires a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, in which basic research about the causes and consequences of environmental problems is combined with an understanding of the incentives and processes for a large-scale reworking of economic activity and the technology with which to reconfigure the human effect on the natural world. Wellesley, Olin, and Babson Colleges are uniquely suited to address this challenge by providing a joint program capable of educating students in ways that each cannot accomplish alone. By truly integrating business, engineering, and the liberal arts in the service of environmental sustainability, this program will provide students with the cross- disciplinary academic preparation and the cross-campus cultural collaboration experiences needed to approach environmental issues holistically.

The Sustainability Certificate Program seeks to educate students to make use of the skills, tools, and concepts from the liberal arts, business, and engineering to address environmental challenges and work to move individuals and society to more sustainable practices.


Five courses are required for the completion of the Sustainability Certificate: 

  • Introductory Course
  • Synthesis Course
  • Three Electives from the Approved Certificate Program Electives List

Click here for more information on course requirements and the elective list.

Students ordinarily will declare their intention to pursue the certificate program after completing the Introductory Course; they must do so before enrolling in the Synthesis Course. Students with declared program participation may request special consideration in registering for cross-campus electives with limited space or other constraints; please contact the Certificate Director. Interested and declared students should work with the Sustainability Certificate Campus Advisor for their home institution to pursue the certificate program; students may also contact the overall program director. Advising is a central part of ensuring a coherent structure to the certificate program, so students are encouraged to declare their intention to complete the program as soon as they can.

Please complete the Declaration Form in coordination with your Campus Advisor and submit it to your Registrar to declare your intention to complete the program.

The Program Director is Alison Wood, Olin College of Engineering,

The Campus Advisors are:

Jay Turner, Wellesley College,

Lucy McAllister, Babson College,

Alison Wood, Olin College of Engineering,