UDL Resources

In the spirit of UDL, we are providing a variety of materials before the workshop on Wednesday, January 8th. If it helps your learning, sparks your curiosity, or if you just feel inclined to learn a bit more about UDL ahead of time, You may choose to read, watch, or listen to one or more items from the list below.

Where possible, we listed the media length or number of pages in parenthesis at the end of the item, so you can use that information to help you plan or make choices.

Podcasts - Transcripts are available for podcast episodes. See each site for details.

    • UDL in 15 Minutes - Loui Lord Nelson and Liz Hartman on UDL (20 minute episode)
    • Think UDL - UDL in Higher Education - (45 minute episodes)
    • Teaching in Higher Ed -Universal Design for Learning Episode - Interview with Mark Hofer (38 minute episode)

Videos - Closed captioning available for videos


    • UDL Self-Evaluation - a brief quiz that guides you through exploring your teaching in relation to UDL principles


UDL, Neuroscience, and the Science of Learning

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