Featured Cross Registered Courses

Interested at cross-registering for a course at Babson, Wellesley, or Olin? Click here to find out more information on the cross-registration process.  Here are some featured courses being offered for the Spring 2020 semester:

ENGR 3199: Satellite Systems and Consulting Business Practices
Course Instructor: Professor Whitney Lohmeyer
Course Meeting Times: W 3:20 pm - 6:00 pm


This course provides students with the opportunity to learn about the multifaceted engineering discipline of satellite systems through the experience of a semester-long, customer-client consulting simulation. The primary technical areas covered are orbital mechanics and satellite communications design (link budgets, availability, propagation impacts). On the first day of class, students will begin building their orbit propagator in Matlab, which they will expand upon (including aspects of communications design) throughout the course of the semester. To gain insight into the policy and regulatory hurdles the satellite industry faces, students will also dive into orbital debris mitigation (understanding the legalities, or lack thereof, of launching and deorbiting spacecraft) and spectrum management (licensing spacecraft through the FCC and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)). Throughout the semester, students will be given assignments in the form of consulting arrangements for which they have to negotiate their hourly rate, invoice their customer, and pay estimated quarterly taxes. The course will conclude with a satellite communications system design project that will require use of their orbit propagator, industry tools like STK and NASA’s Orbital Debris Assessment software and build upon each of the lessons learned throughout the course.